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Being charged with a felony is a terrifying and overwhelming experience. California is among the states with capital punishment for certain felonies. Conviction on a felony charge therefore can be punishable by imprisonment or death, depending on the situation. If you or a loved one is facing charges, you need a qualified Visalia felony defense lawyer on your side.

Types of Felony Charges

A felony is a serious crime, such as murder, rape, arson, robbery, and burglary. Some criminal offenses may be prosecuted either as misdemeanors or elevated to felonies. These types of cases are called “wobblers” and may include certain drug offenses, criminal gang activity, assault and battery, criminal threats, forging a prescription, and many other offenses. Attorney Hayden Smith has more than a decade of experience as a Visalia criminal defense attorney, representing clients charged with a broad range of serious crimes.

What Is the Three Strikes Law?

California's Three Strikes Law provides for elevated punishment for subsequent felony convictions, after the first offense. A third felony conviction is punishable by an automatic prison sentence of 25 years to life. The complexity of felony law in California and potential for severe consequences for a conviction make hiring an experienced Visalia criminal defense attorney essential. We will guide you through the process and vigorously defend your rights.

  • The general order of steps in the felony process you may face include:
  • Pre-arrest investigation
  • Arrest
  • Charges filed
  • Arraignment within 24 hours
  • Felony arraignment in Superior Court
  • Pre-trial conference, usually about two or three weeks later
  • Possibly enter into a plea agreement or proceed to trial

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You can retain a defense attorney at any stage of the process, from the time you are being investigated until your case goes to trial. However, there are several advantages to retaining counsel as soon as possible. Our Visalia criminal defense lawyer is often able to prevent charges from being filed, have charges reduced, or negotiate a plea agreement, and is always ready to provide aggressive representation in court.

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