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Building Solid Defense Strategies when You've Been Pulled Over

A DUI conviction can result in serious penalties and loss of your driver's license. Depending on the age of the defendant and number of previous convictions, the penalties can include jail sentences, thousands of dollars in fines, and driver's license suspension ranging from 30 days to 4 years. Additionally, you could be required to install an Interlock Ignition Device (IID).

If you are arrested for DUI, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Visalia DUI attorney.

Hayden Smith has more than a decade of experience defending clients charged with Driving Under the Influence and other charges. He takes pride in the work he does for his clients, offering personal attention for every case and aggressively representing his clients' rights and best interests.

California's Harsh DUI Laws

The age of the defendant is a factor in drunk driving laws and penalties. For drivers over the age of 21, having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, a BAC of .04 or higher when driving a commercial vehicle, or .01 or greater for repeat offenders, leads to an arrest. Drivers under the age of 18 must not have any measurable blood alcohol concentration. Drivers over 18 but under 21 may not have a BAC of .01 or higher, may not consume alcohol in any form, and may not carry unsealed alcohol in a vehicle when driving alone.

  • When you are pulled over, an officer may employ any of the following tests and evidence to prove a DUI charge:
  • Driving erratically, such as weaving or straddling lanes
  • Symptoms of intoxication like bloodshot eyes or slurred speech
  • Making incriminating statements about the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Field sobriety tests that include reciting the alphabet or walking a line
  • Blood alcohol evidence from a Breathalyzer or blood test

Potential Defenses for DUI Charges

Several possible defense strategies can be used by an experienced Visalia DUI defense lawyer, depending on the circumstances of the case. Some possible solutions include challenging the reliability of driving symptoms, objective physical symptoms, and field sobriety tests. In addition, the failure of police officers to conduct a proper 15 minute observation period, comply with California Title 17 for blood and breath tests, or the failure of the officer to follow proper procedure, may be used in your favor.

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