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Facing assault and battery charges can have a devastating effect on your life. If convicted, penalties can range from probation to expensive fines and jail time. The specific charges and penalties for assault or battery vary from state to state, so it is important to seek advice from an experienced Visalia criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Hayden Smith has represented clients in complex criminal defense cases for more than a decade, and has the insights and resources to assist you.

Assault & Battery Laws in CA

Although assault and battery are often mentioned together, the law makes a distinction between the two terms. Assault is an act that involves an attempt or threat of violence that causes fear or apprehension of imminent violence. Battery is defined as actual violence or force that causes harm to another person or touching another person in an offensive manner. These charges are known as “wobblers,” meaning that, depending on the specifics of the circumstances and identity of the victim, the offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Assault and battery charges include:

  • Simple Assault

  • Simple Battery

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Battery on a Peace Officer

  • Domestic Battery

  • Sexual Battery

  • Elder Abuse

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As your Visalia criminal defense attorney, Hayden Smith will investigate the case to determine if you were wrongfully charged or another reason exists for the case to be dismissed prior to trial. Our team has the legal knowledge required to negotiate plea or prepare your case for court. There are several possible legal defenses, such as an assault or battery which occurred when the defendant acted in self-defense, was defending another person, did not act willfully, or the situation involved the reasonable discipline of a child.

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