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What to Do After an Arrest

Insight from an Experienced Visalia Criminal Defense Attorney

Start your defense off strong making all the right moves after getting arrested. Many people without legal training have a difficult time protecting their better interests when arrested. Thankfully, you do not need extensive knowledge of the law in order to avoid costly mistakes. Our Visalia criminal defense lawyer has assisted individuals that have been arrested for over 10 years and has seen firsthand how actions can impact a case.

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Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

Sometimes the best course of action is taking no action at all. Upon your arrest, an officer should inform you of your right to remain silent (If they do not, be sure to mention this to your attorney). While no one can force you to talk after being arrested, they will likely try to persuade you into saying something. Do not fall for the trap. It can be very easy to say something that could be interpreted negatively by a jury. The only time you should speak is when you request to call your attorney.

Comply with the Law Down to the Tiniest Detail

After being arrested, your actions will be under intense scrutiny until the time of the trial. Even obtaining a speeding ticket can be used by the prosecution to attack your character. During your arrest, comply with all of the police officer's requests. It can easy to get riled up in these situations, but resist the urge to fight back. Any mistreatment from police officers can be used in your defense if you do not retaliate in any way.

Write Down the Details

Your attorney should investigate the charges levied against you, and the details surrounding your arrest can have a significant influence on whether or not a case can be dismissed. Write down anything you remember about the arrest-what was said to you, how the officer's treated you, where you were, what time it was, etc. If there were witnesses to the arrest, ask them for their perspective of the events and find out if they noticed something you did not.

Have an Attorney Present During any & All Questioning

Police officers or the prosecution may try to throw you off by coming to question you after posting bail or remaining in lock up. Your right to remain silent still applies, and you should again speak only to say that you want your lawyer present.

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