A night out can easily take a quick turn for the worst. A DUI charge can affect nearly all aspects of your life. You will want an experienced attorney you can trust with your future and freedom....

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges often arise out of complex situations, however, many times officers will make an arrest on quick judgements. Our dedicated defensive work can help with your case.

Felony Charges

A felony is taken much more seriously by the court than a misdemeanor. These charges often require a strong defense and lengthy preparation. We can help with your case.

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A criminal charge should never be taken lightly, and when you entrust a legal professional with defending your rights, you deserve to know what makes them capable of handling such a heavy responsibility.


Insight from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Start your defense off strong making all the right moves.


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Visalia Criminal Defense Attorney

A Reputation for Integrity & Skill

Go to court confident that you have the right litigator for your case. The Law Office of Hayden G. Smith will do its utmost to protect your unique case and your legal rights.

Aggressive Representation for Intense Criminal Trials

In ten years, the Law Office of Hayden G. Smith has handled criminal cases of such depth and intensity that we have seen more of the courtroom than many other lawyers experience in 20 years of practice. We do not take on as many clients as other firms so that our Visalia criminal defense attorney is able to focus more energy on his cases and investigate details with devoted attention other legal professionals do not have time for. When you are one of our clients, defending your rights is our sole objective.

Our Client's Challenge Is Our Challenge

Our lead attorney has been awarded the CALI award for Excellence in the study of Criminal Law. Call us today at 559-205-2150 for a free phone consultation.

No Case is a Lost Cause

We practice in a wide array of criminal defense practice areas, including violent crimes, DUI, and gang crimes. Never in our 10 years of practice have we encountered a case we believe to be unwinnable. Our attorney has never lost a motion to suppress evidence and ensure that only facts relevant to the case are presented in court. As our firm is solely focused on criminal law, we have significant court experience. Attorneys that practice both civil and criminal charges often spend year without even seeing the inside of a court room. For our team, arguing in front of a judge is almost a daily event.

No one should ever resign themselves to a criminal charge before consulting with a skilled attorney. There are many angles to these proceedings that are invisible to an untrained eye. Consult with our Visalia criminal defense attorney today to learn more about your options.

Don't throw in the towel before the fight is over. Call (559) 900-1266 today!

Cases We Handle

Assault & Battery

Your actions after being charged with this crime greatly impact the outcome of the case. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible to protect your interests long-term.


A misdemeanor can seriously impact an individual's life if convicted. Do not take chances, seek counsel from a skilled defense lawyer.

Drug Crimes

In law enforcement's vehement quest to fight the war on drugs, they often overlook important procedures and trample the rights of the accused, meaning the case could be dismissed completely.

Sex Crimes

Individuals charged with this crime can face heavy stigma before the trial even begins. At our firm, clients are treated with respect and their rights are fervently defended.


Drunk driving charges are not as cut and dry as they may appear. Your legal counsel needs to provide a comprehensive list of details surrounding the circumstances of the events in question.

Theft Crimes

Even someone caught "red handed" in a theft crime is innocent until proven guilty. Let an legal professional counsel you on the situation before throwing in the towel.


A felony charge can result in serious jail time without an appropriate defense. The scale of these cases extends far beyond the time a public defender normally had time for. Seek help from a dedicated professional.

Violent Crimes

Be sure that your attorney will make sure all of the relevant events are addressed during these proceedings. These cases can be heated and many details are distorted if not carefully litigated.

White Collar Crimes

These cases require careful investigation and thorough knowledge of the practice area. Our team is more than capable of litigating complex white collar charges.

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