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Posted byJennifer 

I am a regular woman in my 30's, raising my two boys, had never been in any trouble in my life when I did something very foolish. I had no idea that quick act of stupidity was going to land me in jail with 2 felony counts. Scared out of my mind I contacted Hayden and was in to see him immediately. 
Not only being terrified I was so embarrassed and right away his friendly and funny nature put me at ease. We went over my charges and he explained how my "small act of stupidity" was a serious situation. Hayden explained how he would present my case to the DA and we would go from there. His fee and payment arrangements worked perfectly for my being a single Mom. 
Hayden was at every court appearance I had. Attorney's are busy as hell and often in court when you call. When I called with any questions or concerns my calls were returned in a timely manner. 
At the end of this nightmare he did an awesome job keeping me out of prison and my punishment of a fine and community service was fine by me! My priority was being home with my boys. 
I recommend Hayden to anyone who finds themself where I was or if you're helping a loved one in trouble. 
There's no better Attorney in the Central Valley. 
Hayden Smith is the one you've been looking for!

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